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Asian garment industry market segments in the competition

Currently the world’s most clothing are produced ind Asia. The reason is, first, apparel start-up capital less; two have a lot of cheap labor in Asia. But some experts pointed out that some Asian economies too dependent on the garment industry, but also exported to Europe and Asian countries, clothing prices are still low, Europe and the United States in the global supply chain have more pricing power. Even within Asia, the development of textile and garment industry is also showing an increasingly competitive situation. The next 3-4 years, the Asian market will be further subdivided: China, Thailand, Vietnam, mainly produces high-end multi-functional clothing, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, mainly produce low-end garments.

Some countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, the textile and garment industry, many are difficult to overcome in the short board. First, lower labor productivity make investors feel a headache. Second, some enterprises, especially baby products manufacturing enterprises are facing greater pressure on product quality. In addition, heavily dependent on imported raw materials and accessories, so that net value added garment industry in Southeast Asia is difficult to improve.

Asian textile and apparel industry, many experts expressed concern. Some people worry that Cambodia and Bangladesh garment industry is dependent on the economy too, apparel textile industry chain imbalance. Thai Textile Co., Ltd. General Manager of Shun Lee Bundy · Punta the reporter said that at present, Southeast Asia, only Thailand’s garment and textile industry can be downstream of all aspects of the production. Countries such as Cambodia and Bangladesh, the lack of raw materials required for the development of other industries, only in the garment industry, the lack of foreign investors to the development of other industries in these countries power. In addition, many scholars have pointed out that Asian countries exported to Europe and the U.S. apparel prices are still low. Bundy said the reporter, this is because of the global textile industry in general is still a buyer’s market, European and American countries have strong purchasing power, in the global supply chain have more pricing power.

According to Vietnamese media reports, Vietnam’s garment export processing industry self-sufficiency rate is only required for the fabric of 11.8%, but mostly ordinary fabrics, most still rely on imports of high-grade fabrics,like shell buttonswooden buttons, invisible zippers. Cambodian Ministry of Commerce issued a report earlier this year, in 2012, Cambodia’s garment and textile raw materials, imports amounted to $ 3.12 billion, mainly from the Chinese mainland, China Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea imports. Analysis, Vietnam and other countries of the fabric, garment accessories demand gap will provide opportunities for China’s textile and garment industry.


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