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Garment accessories: zipper industry market analysis

1 domestic enterprises mainly concentrated in the low-end market, foreign zipper enterprise monopoly in the high-end market: according to the Garment Association statistics, in 2009 the global fastener market size is about 60000000000. In the zipper in the high-end market, YKK market share of more than 80%. And high-end luxury market, by the Swiss RIRI zip monopoly. Domestic zipper production enterprises to small and medium, according to China Zipper Association statistics, China zipper wholesale enterprises in fixed assets 100000000 yuan, more than 300000000 Yuan in annual sales of large enterprises about 2-3. Quality details determine the zipper market. Domesticenterprises are mainly concentrated in low-end market. Small zipper, big market, in the high-end market was almost monopolized by foreign enterprises, in the low-end market to small enterprises.

2 domestic zipper technology and foreign brands have bigger difference. Compared with domestic YKK zipper zipperboth in technology and in technology or there is a big gap, the domestic fastener enterprises want to further expand market share, to enter the international market, zipper technology and technology research and development capabilities to do further long. Of course the advantage in the cost price of domestic zipper is obvious.

3 the upgrading of consumption, domestic brand clothing development will bring the good development opportunity for the zipper enterprises. Domestic brands in the rapid increase of domestic per capita income, consumer brand awareness of the rapid development of the background, such as Semir clothing, Smith Barney, baoxiniao domesticbrands this year to an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. The rapid expansion of the scale of domesticbrands, have a certain scale and brand garment accessories enterprises to ensure the matching. While the YKKbefore 2005 in the domestic production of the products are mainly exported to foreign high-end brands, not domestic brand into key customers. This gave certain scale garment accessories manufacturers, such as SBS zipper, Weixingand other enterprises, the great development opportunities and space.

4 zipper zipper industry in the high-end market, rely on technology, in the low-end on price.China zipper enterprises in technology with the international advanced level there are still large distance. Although the YKK market share every year in a gradual decline in the short term, however, domestic enterprises and did not have the strength and confrontation, the development opportunity in the future domestic zipper enterprises is mainly from the domestic consumption of fast development of ascension and domestic brand clothing. In the high-end marketprice sensitivity is slightly lower, but the technical requirements of the higher. While the low-end market is in low pricecompetition model, while the domestic large zipper production enterprise, its cost is higher than that of smallenterprises, low market not competitive advantage. From the profit model, and the prospects for development are the needs for the domestic large-scale zipper production enterprises have a breakthrough in the high-end market, theinevitable need to continuously improve the capability of R & D technology, make the product quality to the advanced international level.

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