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what need pay attention to when wholesale metal zippers

The teeth of Metal zippers is mostly made of copper, copper-nickel alloy, aluminum, or zinc alloy and other materials. Compared to nylon zippers and resin zippers, metal zippers are more durable but higher-cost, so they are more used for jeans, jackets and backpacks . What need pay attention to when wholesale metal zippers?

The metal zippers are made of tape, teeth, pull the head and limit yard. What need pay attention to is the following: where are metal zippers used in the product: clothing, bags, footwear, tents, washable jeans and other special requirements.

The Tape: because metal zipper tape is composed of different kinds of silk, its weight and coloring are different, so easy to produce difference on the color with a zipper,so need choose fabric which is dyeing uniformity with no turbidity point, different fabrics are produced with a soft cloth based.

The Teeth: metal zipper teeth is plating color, so care must be taken in choosing the color which is uniform plating surface, there is no color flower phenomenon, and pull down zipper is smooth or not. When zipper pull is together, you must observe whether the teeth are bite each other around, asymmetrical zipper teeth will certainly affect the use of zippers.

Sliders: metal zipper pulls have many designs and shapes, both small and delicate finished, you can also rough magnificent. But no matter what kind of zipper pulls, they should go freely, will not break. Now there are many self-locking sliders in the market, you need check the auto-locked sliders whether slide down when zip up.

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